Ondar Ringtone

Television Commercial

Mervyn’s department stores ran a number of advertisements featuring the voice of Kongar-ol Ondar and Richard Feynman.  They were kind enough to provide us with a copy; one of the ad spots is available here as a historical remnant – sorry it’s so small, but that’s the file we were given at the time.  This spot is titled “Yo-Yo” (Martin/Williams Ad Agency for Mervyn’s California).

The Tuvan National Anthem
Tooruktug Dolgaï Tangdym
The Forest is Full of Cedar Nuts

When I walk in my forest
I will always be satisfied
Because my forest is rich with
animals and everything I need.

There in the mountains, the
cliffs, the taiga, I was born.
Because of that I am strong.
I will raise my livestock
and be rich.
Nine different animals — If I herd
them and feed them
And take care of them as my
own — I’ll be rich.

Master throat singer from the Republic of Tuva